Canadian Society of Vascular Nursing Edmonton Chapter

May 12, 2016


Edmonton Chapter

The Canadian Society of Vascular Nursing Edmonton Chapter (CSVNE) was formed in 2012 by a group of nurses in the Vascular program at the Grey Nuns Hospital, and is affiliated with the Canadian Society and the Society of Vascular Nursing.  The Canadian Society offers a network of support in the specialty area of vascular surgery and is an invaluable resource for education and research information.  The mission statement of the Edmonton Chapter is to promote prevention and education to the community and nurses, regarding vascular disease, in order to improve vascular health and surgical outcomes.  The Edmonton chapter: collaborates with other health professionals in order to address the unique needs of the individual with vascular disease, works to establish and implement research based standards of practice for vascular nursing, increase awareness and educate patients, families, staff and community about vascular disease and related comorbidities, and develop a solid network of resources and partnerships with other specialties associated with vascular disease.  The Edmonton chapter is strongly supported by Covenant Health,  our vascular surgeons and nurses.

The CSVNE hosts an annual Vascular Symposium the first Saturday of every November as well as other educational opportunities.  The Symposium features several diverse speakers and topics.  Topics are usually voted on by the board in relation to the need for education based on surveying frontline professionals in the area of vascular surgery.  The Edmonton Chapter is non-for-profit.  Proceeds raised are used to send select Chapter Members to the Canadian Society annual Conference held across Canada and to supply needed equipment to areas involved in the care of vascular patients.