We aim to provide the best care and services possible and want to have you back home as soon as it is safe. Our team is multi-disciplinary and specializes in vascular surgery and recovery.

The Surgical Team

Your surgeon will visit periodically to see how you are recovering. There is also a team of resident physicians who will see each patient in the morning.

Vascular associate/Hospitalist

The vascular associate is on the ward Mondays to Fridays for assistance and assessments. The hospitalist serves vascular patients in IMCU and Unit 41. His role is providing ongoing care of our patients following surgery, in consultation with the surgeons.


There is a dedicated pharmacist for vascular patients. You may have a meeting with the pharmacist before going home to review your medications, especially if they have been changed during your stay.


Unit 41 has a physical therapist and an occupational therapist on the ward Mondays through Fridays. Our rehab team is here to get you moving and help with equipment at home if necessary.

A rehabilitation room is attached to our unit. You may spend some time with the rehab team in this room regaining your strength. NAVC also works closely with the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

Patients who have had an amputation may be eligible to stay at the Glenrose for further recovery and rehabilitation. Prosthetic fitting is one of the services offered at the Glenrose. The Glenrose may see some patients on an outpatient basis. Please be aware that the Glenrose has limited beds and specific criteria for admittance. If you’ve had an amputation, our Glenrose liaison will visit you to discuss what the Glenrose can offer you.  

Transition Coordinator (TC)

The transition coordinator works closely with the physician, nursing and rehab teams to organize services for you when it’s time to go home. The TC coordinates all services available to help you safely return home or to the appropriate facility. These services can include Home Care, which includes wound care and medication assistance and further rehabilitation at another site. Please note that all services and facilities have acceptance criteria. Please ask your nurse if you need to speak to the TC.

Social Workers

Our social workers are available to all patients. They can help you access services, finances, transportation and legal support. Please ask your nurse if you wish to speak to a social worker.

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care staff routinely visit the unit to offer spiritual support to those in need. You can also request that our pastoral care staff come and see you. Please ask your nurse if you would like to request this service.


We have a great team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and health care aides. The nursing team is the foundation of the unit and patient recovery. Our RNs and LPNs will give you medication, provide wound care, complete your overall assessment and provide education about medication, discharge and recovery.  Our health care aides will help with bathing and meals.

Wound Care

NAVC has a team focused specifically on wound care. Vascular patients have poor circulation due to vascular disease. This can make the healing of surgical incisions and other wounds take longer and are more complicated than patients without vascular disease. Our wound care team will propose wound care solutions and follow up closely with each patient they see.

Diabetic Teaching

Our Diabetic Centre can provide education for diabetic patients who need it. Our diabetic education nurses can see you on the ward or in the clinic itself after your discharge. Please let your physician team or nurse know if you would like to see a diabetic education nurse.


There is a dietitian available to review your eating habits. If you have any questions about the food available at the hospital or are looking for advice once you’re home, our dietitian can assist you. Please let your nurse or physician know if you have diet-related questions.

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