Dr. Gerrit Winkelaar

Dr. Gerrit Winkelaar is notable for his energy and passion for his job and his patients. Very approachable, Dr. Winkelaar is devoted to his patients and his work. He is unafraid to advocate for his patients.

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Dr. Y. Yaasin Abdulrehman

Dr. Abdulrehman started with the Northern Alberta Vascular Group in October of 2016. Prior to this he worked in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where he was instrumental in developing their Vascular program. He completed his residency and fellowship training at the University of Toronto and Manitoba. He takes pride in providing the best possible care for…

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Dr. Robert Turnbull

Dr. Robert Turnbull is soft spoken with a dry sense of humour. Underneath this is a deep concern and compassion for his patients. Dr. Turnbull has a knack for putting patients at ease, in both the operating room and the in-patient ward.

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Dr. Karim Alibhai

Dr. Karim Alibhai may be one of the quietest members of the NAVC surgical team, but his dedication to his patients and his willingness to advocate for them is unmatched. Dr. Alibhai’s calm and compassionate demeanor inspires confidence in both his patients and team members. Dr. Alibhai works closely with our vascular surgery resident teams.

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Dr. Harold Chyczij

Dr. Chyczij is Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery. He is known for being direct with his patients, backed by a friendly and open manner. Dr. Chyczij is very passionate about vascular surgery and his team.

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